Tamil Wedding Muhurtham Dates 2020
Tamil Wedding Muhurtham Dates 2020

Tamil wedding stays true to the olden customs and functions highlighted in the Vedas. For the Tamilians, the divine symbolism of a wedding is supreme rather than all the pomp and show. Weddings in Tamil Nadu are diversified. There is no one particular style of wedding followed. The different classes observe different wedding rituals.. Tamil Wedding Muhurtham Date 2020 are prepared based on the Tamil Panchangam to give the accurate details

Tamil Wedding Muhurtham Dates 2020

January20-Jan-20MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
January27-Jan-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
January31-Jan-20FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
February5-Feb-20WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
February7-Feb-20FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
February12-Feb-20WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
February13-Feb-20ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
February14-Feb-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
February20-Feb-20ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
February21-Feb-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
February26-Feb-20WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
March2-Mar-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
March6-Mar-20FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
March12-Mar-20ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
March13-Mar-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
March22-Mar-20SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
March26-Mar-20ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
March27-Mar-20FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
March30-Mar-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
April9-Apr-20ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
April13-Apr-20MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
April17-Apr-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
April20-Apr-20MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
April26-Apr-20SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
April29-Apr-20WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
April30-Apr-20ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
May4-May-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
May10-May-20SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
May13-May-20WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
May18-May-20MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
May24-May-20SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
May25-May-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
May27-May-20WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
May28-May-20ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
June3-Jun-20WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
June7-Jun-20SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
June10-Jun-20WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
June11-Jun-20ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
June12-Jun-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
June24-Jun-20WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
July1-Jul-20WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
July2-Jul-20ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
July9-Jul-20ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
July12-Jul-20SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
August17-Aug-20MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
August24-Aug-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
August28-Aug-20FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
August30-Aug-20SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
August31-Aug-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
September4-Sep-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
September6-Sep-20SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
September14-Sep-20MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
September20-Sep-20SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
September27-Sep-20SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
September28-Sep-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
October4-Oct-20SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
October7-Oct-20WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
October18-Oct-20SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
October19-Oct-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
October23-Oct-20FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
October26-Oct-20MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
October29-Oct-20ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
November6-Nov-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
November8-Nov-20SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
November11-Nov-20WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
November12-Nov-20ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
November13-Nov-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
November20-Nov-20FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
November26-Nov-20ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
November27-Nov-20FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
December4-Dec-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
December10-Dec-20ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
December11-Dec-20FridayTheipirai Muhurtham

Kindly Note:

  • The Tamil Wedding Muhurtham Date 2020 is based on the tamil panchangam
  • Always consult an astrologer before finalizing marriage date. Depending upon the individual’s birth details, astrologer may predict a date which may not be available here. The date chosen by the astrologer may be the precise date for the couple
  • There are 73 tamil muhurtham dates 2019 or tamil valarpirai muhurtham dates 2019 in 2020
    • Out of which 37 are Valarpirai Muhurtham and 36 are Theipirai Muhurtham dates
  • As per popular belief, Valarpirai Muhurtham ensure a happy & prosperous married life for couple
    • Valarpirai Muhurtham is wedding dates that falls on or after new moon day and on or before full moon day
    • Some believe, Theipirai Muhurtham dates are not 100% perfect Muhurtham date, however many couples get married in these dates
  • To book vedic pandit for wedding, contact us on phone or WhatsAPP at 95386 02626
  • The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as Astrological or any kind of advice on any subject matter
  • Rahu, Gulika and Yamaghanda timing should be avoided even on auspicious days as these timings are considered inauspicious
  • For Tamil Wedding Muhurtham Date 2020 , you may consider Prokerala Muhurtha page also

Wedding Rituals

The given list is indicative of various functions or rituals that are followed in Hindu Tamil Wedding. A state as diverse and culturally vast as Tamil Nadu, every region and community have its own celebration and rituals. Hence it is possible wedding may be performed with slightly different functions and different rituals

Pre-wedding Rituals: Tamil Suba Muhurtham Dates

  • NakshatraPorutham
  • Marriage Agreement
  • Panda Kaal Muhurtham
  • Sumangali Prarthanai
  • Pallikal Thellichal
  • Vrutham
  • Naandi Shraddham
  • Nischayathram
  • Lagna Pathirikai 

Wedding Rituals: Tamil Valarpirai Muhurtham Dates

  • MangalaSnanam 
  • Gauri Puja
  • Kashi Yathra
  • Pada Puja
  • MaalaiMaatral 
  • Oonjal 
  • Kanyadanam
  • Muhurtham
  • Saptapadi 

Post-Wedding Rituals: Auspicious Dates for Tamil Wedding

  • Reception
  • Sammandhi Maryathai 
  • Paaladaanam 
  • Grihapravesham
  • Valeyadal 
  • Maruvidu Varudal