Tarot Reading for Career-Tarot Reading for Job

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You can visit “our centers” or get consultation over the “phone”

Get Guidance for your career, job of professional life with Tarot Reading.


  • Up To 30 Min – Rs 699 (Rs 2099)
  • Up To 60 Min – Rs 1099 (Rs 3999)


What does the future hold for your career? Get insight on your future career with Tarot Reading for Career-Tarot Reading for Job. Discover your chances of success in your work, employment, job, Career. Tarot Reading for Career-Tarot Reading for Job is a perfect fit, if you need an advice for your professional life. It will guide you with current status of your work such as are you going to face any problem at work, or what issues to be careful, how to prevent and solve the problems

You can visit “our centers” or get consultation over the “phone”

To book best Tarot Card Reading-Online Tarot Reading, Tarot Reading Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626. You can also email us on [email protected]

Why Choose Us  for Tarot Reading

  • Experienced & Qualified Tarot Readers
  • Compare to Astrology, Tarot Reading is modern Guiding technique
  • Affordable fee
  • Does not need birth details of you or your loved ones
  • Can seek guidance on various topics such as love, relationship, marriage, career, job, Finances, business, money, health
  • You can seek guidance for your friends or family members
  • Phone and video consultancy also available


When to approach Tarot Reader

  • Struggling in professional life, career, job
  • Seeking answers to your never-ending problems in career
  • Facing stress due to career, job, boss
  • Wish to know about cause of the problems
  • To solve the job or career problem with simple remedies


What to expect from Tarot Session

  • Help in identifying current situation
  • Help in identifying possible ways to resolve the issues
  • Tarot is not about certainty or about prediction but it is about guidance on what can be done


Will a Tarot reading solve my problem?

  • It helps you to diagnose the issues
  • It makes you  see the reality
  • And get clarity in your thoughts take right decisions


Process Love Tarot Reading for Career-Tarot Reading for Job

  • Tarot Deck consists of 78 Cards
  • Which are divided in two majorly into two section – Major and Minor Arcana
  • When you tell you life problem to reader, S/He frames a question
  • Then they cut the deck (means divide the deck)
  • Based on your questions S/he takes out spread (3 cards, 7 Cards ,11 Cards etc.)
  • Based on cards on current spread, S/he gives you guidance
  • Most important skill is read the spread as whole rather than as individual cards
  • Watch How to read Cards by Howcast to understand basics of Tarot Reading

Additional information


Up to 30 Min, Up to 60 Min, Relationship issue 30 min, Relationship issue 60 min







2 reviews for Tarot Reading for Career-Tarot Reading for Job

  1. Manjunath P

    I Lost job in December and was searching opportunities for 5 months. Nothing was materialising. My mother has shown horoscope to many astrologers in my hometown, but everyone has given 6 months to 1 years’ time frame. I was frustrated, met Aadishakti online for Tarot Reading for my career. They have told me within 1 months something should materialize, and it happened. I am very happy and pleased with their services. Now I am their lifelong clients and would recommend their services to others too

  2. Lakshmi Prakash

    I did not get placed during campus placement in MBA since not many companies visited during our time. Since then I was struggling with my career. In between got married and move to this city. Again, same cycle started, I was so frustrated that I decided not to pursue my corporate career. But my husband convinced me to take Tarot advice before taking decision that’s how we spoke to Aadishakti over phone. They have convinced me not to take rash decision and wait for just 3 months. I was not sure, but things changed within 2 months. Now I am at working with one of the top banks here with their regional office. I will always be grateful to Aadishakti for their advice

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