Tarot Classes in Bangalore – Tarot Course

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    To Learn, Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626 or email  on [email protected]

    It is 2 Full day (16 Hours) workshop

    Location : Near Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

    Trainer Name – Anjali (Experience – 20 years)

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    Tarot is a remarkable and effective tool to understand your life – who you are and what to do about your life. This tarot course is a must if you want to learn for self or want to become a professional Tarot reader. An effective Reading can help to encourage confidence, esteem and choice for a client.  Tarot Classes in Bangalore – Tarot Course is done  Near Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

    For Tarot Classes in Bangalore – Tarot Reading lasses in Bangalore, Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626 or email  on [email protected]

    It is 2 Full day (16 Hours) workshop

    Trainer Name – Anjali (Experience – 20 years)

    Watch How to read Cards by Howcast to understand basics of Tarot Reading

    Why choose us for Tarot Classes in Bangalore – Tarot Course

    • Taught by Experienced Master – Anjali
    • Trained 200 + Students
    • Nominal Fee: Avail 80% discount (Pay Rs 7999 only, in place of Rs 40000)
    • Refer 1 more person and get Rs 500 additional discount
    • She is also expert & trainer of various healing techniques
      • Reiki
      • Pranic Healing
      • Crystal Healing
      • Alpha Healing
      • Hypnotherapy
      • Past Life regression
    • Taught both in English & Hindi
    • Smaller batch size to ensure that every person receives ample attention and has enough space to express himself/herself


    Who can Learn 

    • Anyone who is older than 15 years
    • It is not based on any religion. Anyone can learn
    • No restriction on Food habits. Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian – all can learn


    Two days training session includes 

    • 2 Days Training
    • Class notes
    • Certificate
    • Food: Lunch + Tea/Biscuits


    Benefits of Tarot

    • Struggling in life
    • Seeking answers to your never-ending problems
    • Facing stress due to love, relationship, marriage, career, job, Finances, business, money, health or any other issues
    • Wish to know about cause of the problems
    • To solve the problem with simple remedies


    What will you learn

    • How to work like a professional tarot reader
    • How to use the tarot for improving your love life
    • or How to improving your business, career and finances
    • Check the best way to use tarot for important decisions
    • Use the tarot to deal with any challenge in your life


    • Rider-Waite Tarot card deck


    Topics covered in various levels in Tarot Classes in Bangalore – Tarot Course

    Lesson 1: Introduction to the Tarot

    1. History of Tarot
    2. Italian-suited tarot decks
    3. Italo-Portuguese-suited tarot deck
    4. German-suited tarot decks
    5. An early prototype for Etteilla’s tarot (7). The Justice card
    6. Tarot decks in occult usage
    7. Tarot Cards – What and Why
    8. Selecting a deck and how it works
    9. How to Get Started:
    10. Tarot Card Deck Protection
    11. Cleansing, Charging and Caring a Tarot Deck.
    12. Tarot Card Reading Preparations

    Lesson 2:  Structure of the Tarot Deck

    Lesson 3:  Major Arcana Cards

    Lesson 4:  Minor Arcana Cards

    Lesson 5 : Spreads

    1. 3 Card Spread
    2. What the Spread Reveals
    3. Problem Solving or Decision Making Approach
    4. Timeline Approach
    5. The Star Spread
    6. What the Spread Reveals
    7. Healing Star Spread
    8. The Celtic Cross Spread 3
    9. Lesson- How to address Questions
    10. How to Address Yes/No Questions
    11. How to Address What Question
    12. How to Address When Question
    13. How to Address Where Question
    14. Pendulum and Tarot
    15. Tarot and Reiki

    Additional information


    Level I- 1st Degree, Level II- 2nd Degree, Level III- 3rd Degree







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    1. Tusshar Gupta

      I have learnt Tarot with Aadishakti. It was a 2 day course with lots of practice. Her explanations, simple methods were amazing. After 1 year, I am started my own Tarot Consultations. Since I am working, I take tarot consultations only on weekends, but my new source of income started and satisfaction of helping others can not be explained in words

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