Ketu Dosha – Ketu Shanti Jaap

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To book best Pandit/Purohit/Priest for puja , Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626 or email  on [email protected]

Highly experienced Vedic Pandit/ Priests / Purohits. We bring all Puja Samagri to ensure a hassle-free experience.

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Rahu, the shadow planet brings unhappiness, theft, putra dosha, absent mindedness and loss of property to the native. Ketu Dosha – Ketu Shanti Jaap is performed to end the malefic effects of Ketu dosha

To book best Pandit/Purohit/Priest for Puja , Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626 or email on [email protected]


Benefits of Ketu Dosha – Ketu Shanti Jaap

  • Removes malefic effects of the Ketu planet
  • Helps one avoid accidents, misfortune, diseases and evil energies
  • Very useful for those having own or ancestral property disputes
  • Brings sudden, unexpected gains in a mysterious way


When to perform the Puja (Auspicious Muhurat)

  • Normally on  Tuesday
  • Consult Pandit / Purohit and fix a best date and time


Details:  (Procedure/Vidhi) Ketu Dosha – Ketu Shanti Jaap

1 Day : 7000 Jaap 
Ganapathi Pooja
Punyaha Vachanam
Maha Sankalpam
Kalasa Pooja
Ketu graha Japa parayanam
Prasad Distribution
Duration : 1 Day
No of Pandit: 2


Why Choose Us

  • Highly experienced team of Vedic Pandit, Priests or Purohits
  • Affordable fee
  • Puja rituals are performed as per vedic standards and procedures
  • We bring all puja samagri (puja materials) to ensure a hassle-free experience
  • We also performed remote (distance) Puja
  • More than 6000 pujas done by the team
  • Reference Video: Watch Ketu Shanti by Geby Mantra Sounds


Kindly Note

  • Fee mentioned is for 1 (one) Pandit only.
  • Additional Pandit/Priest charges will be Rs 1500/- per Pandit/ Priest
  • Pandit will arrive at the puja Venue 30 minutes prior to Muhurta.
  • Payment Terms;
    • Advance Payment: 30% of the Total fee to be paid for booking the Puja Service.
    • Balance Payment: 70% of the Total fee to be paid after the Puja to Pandit directly.
  • Puja Materials: Our Pandit will carry the Puja materials only
  • Arrangements by the clients
    • Fruits, Sweets, Panchamrut as per the no of attendee’s
    • Flower, according to the decorations desired
    • Vessels, Oil Lamps, Mats, Bowls, Plates, Deity Photos, Pata/Chowki
    • Banana Stand for Canopy (if required)
    • Any other items required (if required)
  • Attached Video are for reference only. Actual Puja will have variations based on region and a specific Pandit style
  • Cancellation
    • Cancellation can be made 3 or more days prior to the Puja
    • 30% Advance payment of total Puja fee will be non-refundable
    • If 100% of total Puja fee payment is made in advance, then 70% will be refunded on cancellation done before 3 or more days
    • There will be no refunds for cancellations made within 3 days of the event.
    • Notice of cancellation must be made via e-mail [email protected]
    • A cancellation acknowledgement will be sent within 2 working days and fees will be refunded within 7 working days, subject to this Refund Policy

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18000 Jaap And Dasams Havan, 22000 Jaap And Dasams Havan



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  1. Priti Acharya

    I was running a bad time and had problem conceiving baby. two astrologers suggested for Ketu Jaap, one at my native place and one at online consultation. I had no clue what to do. But Aadishakti pandit team has done within 1 day total 700 Jaap. Thanks Aadishakti

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