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Gemstones (Nabratans) and their effects on humans

According to Vedic astrology, planetary imbalances can impact our lives at many levels and create various obstacles. They can hinder the smooth flow of our lives and lead to failures, disappointments, and anxieties caused due to poor health, failed career aspirations, bad relationships, financial losses etc. The navratnas or the astrological gemstones are an effective remedy to counter and nullify the negative influences of the planets on our lives.

Adkskt, 03 Mar 2017

Process & Puja for Wearing Gemstones

Normally, certain rituals are followed before wearing gemstone in order to increase its benefic effects and reduce any kind of adverse effects. Each stone carries the characteristic of a particular planet. The rituals must be performed on a day that is closely associated to the gem stone to maximize its benefits. Kindly note these ritual may vary from place to place and among different astrologers

deva, 23 May 2016

Contradictory or Conflicting Gemstones : Stones that should not be worn together

Gemstones representing incompatible Planets should not be worn together unless suggested by an experienced astrologer,

deva, 17 Mar 2016