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Meditation helps in dealing with Work Stress

Work stress. We all feel it, whether we’re struggling to find 15 minutes for lunch or responding to emails at 11 p.m. Regular Meditation can help distress and survive same cruel routine

Adkskt, 12 Dec 2016

Yoga asanas can keep cancer at bay

Yoga took birth thousands of years ago in India but eventually lost its charm and recognition in the ultra modern world that we live in today. ……This article has been authored by Manisha Kharbanda, Founder, BrahmYog

deva, 08 Mar 2016

Eight (8) Pillars of Yoga

Yoga as practiced by sages not only focused on physical improvement, but also on spiritual. In the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, the eight pillars of yoga are described. These are special guidance on how to live in harmony of the mind, body, spirit and the outer world in order to achieve enlightenment. This article will give you the basic understanding of the eight pillars of yoga.

deva, 03 Mar 2016

Imbalance Chakras and how to Balance them

There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Each chakra is located throughout our body so that it correlates to specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths. When we have a physical issue, it creates weaknesses in our emotional behavior. When we release the stale energy from the body, it can undo any tightness, stiffness, or malfunction of that area.

deva, 03 Mar 2016

The Ultimate Goal of Yoga

What is the ultimate goal of yoga? Yoga has been practiced in various forms for hundreds of years all over the world. Each practitioner has a goal (or goals) individual to him or her. However, there is an ultimate goal. It is called: Moksha

deva, 03 Mar 2016

Meditation Benefits

Benefits of meditation: increased immunity, healthy heart, increased creativity and confidence

deva, 03 Mar 2016

Patanjali’s Eightfold Path of Yoga

Yoga, the timeless science behind all true religions, consists of systematic and definite steps to realization of the soul’s oneness with Spirit.

deva, 02 Mar 2016

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a simple process of reversing the ordinary outward flow of energy and consciousness so that the mind becomes a dynamic center of direct perception no longer dependent upon the fallible senses but capable of actually experiencing Truth.

deva, 02 Mar 2016