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Can astrology help you get pregnant?

In Mahabharata, King Pandu of Hastinapura was placed under a curse by sage Kindama. The sage cursed that Pandu would die if he should ever become intimate with his wife. This left both his wives, Kunti and Madri without the prospect of having a child sired by him. But Kunti had a boon given to her by sage Durvasa. It allowed her to invoke any god and have a son born out of that god. She used her boon to bear three sons, namely Yudhishthira, Bhima, and Arjun, from three different gods. She also helped Madri to bear twin sons, Nakula and Sahadeva, by using the boon. Thus, her boon enabled Kunti to overcome the problem of getting pregnant and bearing children. That was the age of gods and demi-gods, boons and curses, and mythological characters. But in today’s modern age when any woman is unable to conceive, there are no such boons to help her out. Even medical science sometimes fails to come to her rescue. This is where astrology can be of great help. Are you surprised to know that there is some connection between astrology and pregnancy? If yes, then you need to read this article.

Adkskt, 05 Jun 2017

Palmistry Basics: The first steps of knowing your fate

A Chinese proverb goes as: “If fortune smiles, who doesn't? If fortune doesn't, who does?” Whether your fortune smiles on you or not may not be entirely in your hands, but the outline of your fortune is definitely sketched in your hands. This is where palmistry comes into the picture. Palmistry reveals the secrets of your destiny and helps you to plan your life accordingly. But before you can delve deep into the vast realms of palmistry, you need to understand its basics first. In this article, we tell you about the palmistry basics.

Adkskt, 14 Apr 2017

The difference between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology

In the movement of the celestial bodies hides a deeper meaning that is revealed by astrology. While Vedic astrology is being practiced since thousands of years when ancient sages recorded their observations in Vedic scriptures, Western astrology is a relatively new domain. The enriching field of astrology can often be confusing for the uninitiated and those new to either of the two systems. There are many fundamental, astronomical, and functional differences between Vedic and Western astrology. Any famous astrologer in Bangalore or anywhere in the world who understands these differences can help you assess the many possibilities in your life.

Adkskt, 03 Mar 2017

Can astrology and astrologers accurately predict the future?

Astrology is one of the most debated topics out there. Accused of incompetence shrouded by superstitions and harassed by the non-believers, the subtle art and science of astrology has had a rather bumpy ride. Can astrology and astrologers accurately predict the future? The short answer is it will be bang on, almost always. But then again, the long and detailed answer to this question is only as complicated as the science itself. So let us take a closer look at what astrology strives to achieve, and when entrusted to the care of the Best astrologer in Bangalore, what are the benefits or compensations that you can look forward to.

Adkskt, 03 Mar 2017

Proactive rather than reactive: Knowing future helps us to plan better

Life is full of risks and ups and down and there are few things that are not in human control. But, there are few aspects in life which can be controlled and managed if proper planning is done. Planning and controlling over few aspects of life can help you from getting any bad shocks of life. ....read more

deva, 16 Feb 2016