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Numbers 1–9: The Building Blocks of Numerology

Numerology is the divinatory art that deals with numbers and the cosmic message they hold for us. According to numerology, everything in this world can be expressed in the numerical form. The building blocks of numerology comprise of nine core single-digit numbers, which are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. These core numbers hold special meanings in numerology. Each of these numbers indicates specific qualities, talents, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, etc. about an individual. Let us have a look at what each of these core numbers can reveal for us.

Adkskt, 14 Mar 2017

How does Vastu Shastra differ from Feng Shui?

Even as home harmonising philosophies, Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui have their own subtle (sometimes loudly distinct) differences. Vaastu Shastra is one of the most ancient sciences that add to the construction of the house. For those of us familiar with the term Vaastu Shastra, we already know the endearing benefits of this age old science imbued into the practices of architecture.

Adkskt, 03 Mar 2017

The difference between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology

In the movement of the celestial bodies hides a deeper meaning that is revealed by astrology. While Vedic astrology is being practiced since thousands of years when ancient sages recorded their observations in Vedic scriptures, Western astrology is a relatively new domain. The enriching field of astrology can often be confusing for the uninitiated and those new to either of the two systems. There are many fundamental, astronomical, and functional differences between Vedic and Western astrology. Any famous astrologer in Bangalore or anywhere in the world who understands these differences can help you assess the many possibilities in your life.

Adkskt, 03 Mar 2017

Can astrology and astrologers accurately predict the future?

Astrology is one of the most debated topics out there. Accused of incompetence shrouded by superstitions and harassed by the non-believers, the subtle art and science of astrology has had a rather bumpy ride. Can astrology and astrologers accurately predict the future? The short answer is it will be bang on, almost always. But then again, the long and detailed answer to this question is only as complicated as the science itself. So let us take a closer look at what astrology strives to achieve, and when entrusted to the care of the Best astrologer in Bangalore, what are the benefits or compensations that you can look forward to.

Adkskt, 03 Mar 2017

Gemstones (Nabratans) and their effects on humans

According to Vedic astrology, planetary imbalances can impact our lives at many levels and create various obstacles. They can hinder the smooth flow of our lives and lead to failures, disappointments, and anxieties caused due to poor health, failed career aspirations, bad relationships, financial losses etc. The navratnas or the astrological gemstones are an effective remedy to counter and nullify the negative influences of the planets on our lives.

Adkskt, 03 Mar 2017

Difference between Tarot Card Reading and Astrology

Many people tend to believe that astrological readings and tarot readings are quite similar, which is not true. Though both tarot and astrology are effective for divulging to us our past, present, and future, each is a unique form of prediction in itself. One has to be an expert in tarot reading or in astrological calculations to be able to help you know your future. At AadiShakti, we have the Best tarot card reader in Bangalore who reveals to you how tarot differs from astrology.

Adkskt, 01 Mar 2017

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (Chinese counterpart of Vastu) is a mysterious science with a long history. It is the power of the nature and the energy of the large magnetic field of the universe. The core idea of Feng Shui is the harmony between human and nature.

anjalisharma1856, 12 Dec 2016

Meditation helps in dealing with Work Stress

Work stress. We all feel it, whether we’re struggling to find 15 minutes for lunch or responding to emails at 11 p.m. Regular Meditation can help distress and survive same cruel routine

Adkskt, 12 Dec 2016

Energy Healing Techniques to Heal Your Body and Soul

Energy healing is the process of healing things using the deeper and subtle forms of energy, such as thought and intention. Subtle energy may seem weak from our perspective. However, at the atomic level, it is very powerful, which is why nuclear weapons are so powerful.

Adkskt, 21 Oct 2016

Aloe Vera : The Miracle Plant

Aloe vera (Ghritkumari) is a succulent plant, grows wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses. Aloe is also used for decorative purposes and grows successfully indoors as a potted plant. It is found in many consumer products including juice, skin lotion, or ointments for minor burns and sunburns.

Adkskt, 20 Sep 2016

Amla : The Wonder Fruit

Amla (Indian gooseberry) is undeniably a powerhouse of nutrients. The essential minerals and vitamins that it contains, are not only integral to our body\'s well-being, but also indispensable to preventing and managing some of the most common and widespread diseases. Whether eaten raw, juiced, powdered or simply added in an array of pickles, jams, dips or spreads - including amla in your diet finales into good health by all means.

Anjana Khanna, 20 Sep 2016

Process & Puja for Wearing Gemstones

Normally, certain rituals are followed before wearing gemstone in order to increase its benefic effects and reduce any kind of adverse effects. Each stone carries the characteristic of a particular planet. The rituals must be performed on a day that is closely associated to the gem stone to maximize its benefits. Kindly note these ritual may vary from place to place and among different astrologers

deva, 23 May 2016

Reiki Energy: What is it and how does It heal?

The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words - Rei and Ki. When translating Japanese into English we must keep in mind that an exact translation is difficult. The Japanese language has many levels of meaning. Therefore the context the word is being used in must be kept in mind when attempting to communicate its essence

, 25 Apr 2016

WHAT IS A PUJA : Buddhism Perspective

The power of prayer is well known over centuries and in all different religious beliefs. According to Buddhism, the world in which we live and all that happens to us is a result of our past actions.

, 20 Apr 2016

Chhath Puja

Celebrated on the sixth day after Diwali, Chhath is an ancient festival dedicated to the Sun God for a period of four days.

deva, 20 Apr 2016

Contradictory or Conflicting Gemstones : Stones that should not be worn together

Gemstones representing incompatible Planets should not be worn together unless suggested by an experienced astrologer,

deva, 17 Mar 2016

Yoga asanas can keep cancer at bay

Yoga took birth thousands of years ago in India but eventually lost its charm and recognition in the ultra modern world that we live in today. ……This article has been authored by Manisha Kharbanda, Founder, BrahmYog

deva, 08 Mar 2016

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Idols in the Hindu way of life – why are they worshipped?

Sadhguru looks at the worship of idols in the Hindu way of life, and explains that they are not merely depictions of gods, but are scientifically created as powerful energy centers.

deva, 07 Mar 2016

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's Enlightenment Story

August 16 is celebrated as the day of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s mahasamadhi. This story about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s enlightenment and his meeting with Totapuri, a great yogi.

deva, 07 Mar 2016

Eight (8) Pillars of Yoga

Yoga as practiced by sages not only focused on physical improvement, but also on spiritual. In the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, the eight pillars of yoga are described. These are special guidance on how to live in harmony of the mind, body, spirit and the outer world in order to achieve enlightenment. This article will give you the basic understanding of the eight pillars of yoga.

deva, 03 Mar 2016