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Most Hindus are concerned in a very certain ceremonial worship of God known as Puja, once or doubly daily, either within the early morning hours or within the evening hours. A separate Puja area exists in many homes for this purpose. wherever the homes don’t seem to be big enough to have separate puja rooms, a separate elevated pedestal in present in the corner of 1 of the rooms of the house. Puja rooms are commonly present on the northeastern corner of the house, whereas elevated pedestals are present within the northeastern corner of the space during which they’re present. a shower is taken before performing the puja by the bengali purohits. Idols or frames of various Hindu gods are present within the puja rooms or pedestals and worship is obtainable to those idols. A typical puja offered commonly consists of the subsequent activities.

– some flowers are placed ahead of the idols. during festival times and on necessary occasions, the idols are grandly adorned with garlanded flowers, reflective the diversion of the occasion.

– A glass of water is placed ahead of the idols. The water is often sacred with Tulasi leaves. Tulasi may be a variety of plant that’s thought of to be extraordinarily sacred by all Hindus. The leaves of this plant ar place in water to sanctify the water.

– a few of incense sticks, known as Agarbatti, ar lit up and placed ahead of the idols. These sticks emit pleasantly smelling smoke that fills up the puja space with its fragrance.

– 2 or a lot of oil lamps are lit up and placed ahead of idols. On vital occasions like Diwali, the quantity of such lamps is inflated manifold.

– The idols are sacred with turmeric and kumkum powder.

– some fruits or deep-fried delicacies are placed ahead of the idols as associate degree providing to God.

– A coconut is broken and also the water from the coconut is collected into a glass. The coconut items are placed ahead of the idols as an providing to God. The collected milk is used as sacred water.

– although it’s not necessary, if the entertainer of the puja is knowledgeable enough, he would browse out some hymns or names of God for some minutes.

– a chunk of natural resin is lit up with hearth and is rapt regarding ahead of the idols – this can be known as Arati. whereas acting Arati, knowledgeable folks recite hymns, although this can be not necessary. A bell is additionally plumbed whereas acting the Arati.

– once Arati is lit, the puja entertainer stretches his hands and takes his palms near the fireplace of the Arati therefore on feel the warmth from the fireplace. The palms ar then ironed on one’s own closed eyes. This act is named taking Arati. Such associate degree act is believed to burn or brush away any evil forces encompassing oneself.

– The kumkum or turmeric powders are smeared on the forehead or throat. In some traditions, vibhuti powder or vermilion pastes ar used for this purpose rather than kunkum and turmeric.

– The sacred water and offerings ar then distributed among the inmates of the house. The sacred water is typically besprent on the folks – such associate degree act is taken into account auspicious.

This is the final approach during which puja is finished through Bengali pujari. On important festival occasions or in temples, this puja is finished on a far an even bigger scale for hours beside elaborate singing of hymns.

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