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Ayurveda-Ayurvedic Therapy & Massage Center

Aadishakti provide ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore. Get full details about ayurvedic massage & ayurvedic hospital: Ayurveda Heals Naturally

The word ayurveda has a meaning of life knowledge. Ayurvedic treatments are done through a system of medicine that has its roots in the Indian subcontinent. In the western countries, there is a prominent practice of clubbing the ayurvedic medicine along with other spiritual and power healing therapies such as reiki to provide larger benefits to the health of individuals. The ayurveda treatment is done for various kinds of problems. There are treatments that provide ayurvedic medicines for hair loss and even provide ayurvedic medicines for hair loss also.

The main classical start of ayurveda is believed to have originated from the gods. The hierarchy that followed was the flow of knowledge from the gods to the sages of that time and then this knowledge was further passed on to the human physicians. The Sushruta Samhita narrates about the Dhanvantri who was regarded as the greatest of the mighty celestial incarnated himself as the king of Varanasi to himself teach medicine to a group of wise physicians including Sushruta himself. The therapies of ayurveda have evolved and it varied for about more than two millenniums. These therapies are basically based upon the herbal compounds from plants which contain lots of minerals and metal ions that introduce in the body healing effects and provide the body with physical strength and energy. Ancient Ayurveda treatises also taught surgical techniques, including rhinoplasty, perineal lithotomy, the suturing of wounds, and the extraction of foreign objects from the body and then suturing it again. The usage of ayurvedic medicine is considered pseudo scientific. By some researchers it is considered as trans science or proto science. Physical and mental existences along with personality are regarded as one unit by the doctors practising ayurvedic medicine. It is believed that all these three factors are interlinked to each other and have the ability to influence each other. This aspect serves as the fundamental aspect of ayurveda and these three together forms the holistic approach that is employed during diagnosis and therapy.There is another theory of ayurveda that states about channels that are called srotas. These channels are used for the transportation of fluids. These channels can be opened by massages using oils. Unhealthy channels are the ones that cause disease.

The medicines that are formulated by the knowledge of ayurveda are fully herbal in nature. Although they have slow effects over the body as compared to the allopathic medicines, they are proven to uproot and destroy the illness from its roots. The use of the internet for consulting an ayurvedic physician has also become a tradition being followed by every other person who finds it difficult to approach the doctor in person. For such people, we at Aadishakti provide our patients with the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore. Ayurveda in Bangalore has become a very vast field considering into its hood, a multitude of diseases that can be treated and cured. We also provide consultations for ayurveda online and also refer to our patient ayurvedic medicine online. Now, due to the online facilities that we offer to our patients, ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore has become a very approachable platform.

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