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Yearly Astrology Report

Aries 2018 horoscope abounds with plenty of positive possibilities! Wealth, love and peace will make way into your life, but it will need some hard work to invite them in. If you face obstacles with confidence, success will follow. While you might have to work your guts off, the fruits of your efforts this year will be very sweet.

Some major moves might take place in life now, which will prove to be the game changer. You may also have to make compromises in your life to sustain the end goal. Planets are blessing you from above, particularly Saturn and Jupiter. One represents luck while the other represents restrictions and hard work. You might feel pulled between the two and the year requires you to strike a balance. You cannot rely on luck entirely, which means, persistent efforts will be needed. Career seems to be on track in 2018 and you will hone your expertise further, which will give new experiences and possibility of promotion and pay hike. Income prospects will multifold this year Aries. While things seem to be attractive on the career front, you might not feel that content in familial matters. Peace will be missing and on top of that, you will so busy with work that you won’t have much time to get to the root of the problems.

2018 Aries horoscope forecast the period from March to July when Jupiter will be retrograding is crucial in terms of finances. You might observe excessive expenses out of a sudden so beware. This period also necessitates a careful approach in matters to do with foreign sources. Saturn will also backtrack this year from Apr to Sep, bringing some revivals and reversals in life. You might reassess your plans and may also think of changing your occupation or restarting an old business. You might see some rise and fall in income trends during these months but things will be stable eventually. Refrain from starting a new venture during Saturn retrogression.

Mars, your ruling planet will be exalted during May to Nov and will influence your house of career strongly. You will land a sea of opportunities of accomplishments and success. But be cautious in the path you choose. Think twice before accepting an offer.

As per the trends given above, Aries horoscope 2018 suggests a promising year ahead. Just be careful during retrogressions. First few months of the year could be a bit demanding too and you will need to stay on the alert mode when on the road or driving.


DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

An easy and carefree approach will start to envelop you this year Taurus. And you will love these positive vibes. If peace is what you were seeking, 2018 is fraught with signs of mental relief. However, don’t expect it to be a lucky year, there will be challenges on the way as indicated in Taurus 2018 horoscope, and you should be prepared to conquer them.

In the beginning of 2018, anger issues will be present frequently. Such an attitude could take a toll on your relationships too so better keep calm and give a content start to your New Year. Make “No Anger” your New Year resolution in fact. Career uplift is indicated in 2018 horoscope for Taurus. Patience and hard work are virtues that will help you stand out at work and also fetch reward and acclaim. But, this year does not suggest profit for new business ventures so you might want to delay executing your entrepreneurial ideas. If running a business, keep consulting veterans when you feel stuck.

Jupiter, the planet of luck will be retrograde during March to July. During this period, you should not think of switching your job and do not indulge in behavior that triggers seniors’ wrath. On a positive note, if you were struggling to resolve an inheritance related dispute, 2018 will bring the good news. Mars, which will be exalted during May to November, will also bring many constructive changes in life. Career success for spouse is indicated during Mars’ exaltation. Financially also, you will get all the help and guidance you need at this time.

Foreign settlement is in the cards this year Taurus and you may even get some lucrative offers to work abroad or with foreign clients. This year is also opportune to get rid of past debts and you could also make some profitable investments. Profit from ongoing investments will also be handsome.

Rahu is transiting through your 3rd house this year, giving you the much needed courage and stamina to pursue desires. Quite atypical of Taurus, you won’t mind taking risks if the need be. You will take initiatives too. In terms of love life, planets will bring a special someone in your life towards the mid of the year. This relationship will be a landmark one.

While career demands special attention this year, overall, Taurus 2018 horoscope indicates smooth pattern in other aspects of life.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

2018 horoscope suggests a great year ahead. “GEMINI” You will see a lot of constructive energy coming in. A new sense of determination will be felt in how you undertake endeavors. While fortune will be dropping a lot of luck in your lap, expect a few obstacles and opposition too.

Attracting prosperity will take some hard work and efforts thus. The tendency to help others is indicated this year and you might also take part in community service. However, do not make promises that you can’t stick to. Rahu is poised to give you deceptive speech. Put some forethought before you make commitments to people as it is quite likely that you may not be able to live up to their expectations. If you say you will do something, do it, maintain integrity. A careful approach is also needed in money matters as 2018 horoscope indicates problems in retrieval of money you lend.

During the period from March to July, Jupiter is backtracking so you might waver in your decisions and feel double minded. It would be good to postpone any major decisions during this period. From May to Nov, some opponents might raise head and try to harm you, but Mars being exalted during this period will give you enough courage and energy to fight them off. However, caution is necessary during this period, as chances of injury exist.

Even though some minor issues would keep troubling you this year Gemini, overall, you will see a lot of positive developments, especially in professional matters. You will reach your business goals and may also welcome help from sources abroad. Your efforts will be rewarded with success and if you keep working relentlessly with patience, income and profits will mushroom too. Despite occasional unnecessary expenses, finance will be on track. People will appreciate you for your work. So one can say that despite the pace being slow, growth is assured.

Love life has some bright hopes as you might find someone special and create a lasting bond. He or she could be someone at work. This new relationship has the potential to turn into a lifetime affair. If married, expect a romantic year but towards the end of 2018 when Jupiter moves into Scorpio, some misunderstandings and arguments could take place.

Overall, 2018 will fare well for you but you might want to be a bit more cautious in terms of relationships.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

2017 was a year of ups and downs but 2018 will bring a steady pace in life and a lot of growth and positivity. That said, confusion will still prevail as indicated in Cancer 2018 horoscope and you will find it difficult to make choices.

Decision-making is an area that needs constant supervision. You need to work out ways to keep your mind clear of clutter so you can focus on the opportunities that come along. At the same time, don’t expect too much and apply more logic than feelings. If you keep these minor adjustments in view, things will be fine. It is Rahu with your natal Moon that’s behind all the mental havoc. Rahu is a dark force that has clouded over your mind (Moon) but remember, just like Moon, you have to come out from behind clouds into the light. Keep up your confidence level and do not let minor challenges throw you down. Positively, planets will fill you with lots of courage and energy this year. And the year will bring as many opportunities as challenges. Keep your focus on the positive. Possibility of getting sudden profit or asset is also there in the cards for you. And this out of the blue opportunity in the form of property deal or business proposal will keep benefiting you in the long run as well.

On the professional front, you will brush up your skills that will help take business to the next level. Some networking opportunities will be present which will help make new connections. If you had any business ideas in mind, expect to execute them during this year. Despite the obstacles, you will continue to make progress. But, from March to July, Jupiter will be retrograde which could take away support of luck. During this time, you might feel confused in career matters and may want to change job or field. However, this is the time to stick to what you are doing than submit to the bewitching desires.

The period from May to Nov will bring new business prospects and gains. Benefit from business partnerships or spouse is expected too. You will also get acclaim and recognition for your work. However, make sure to listen attentively to your spouse and try to understand their perspective of things. It is possible that they might be busy at work and may not give much time at home. Rather than making it a huge deal, support them and take it easy.

Saturn is also moving backwards this year from April to Sep. Expenses could be an area of concern during this period and you might want to be more vigilant in spending. Positively, your study related efforts will pay off during this time and you will also do well in competitions. Married life could be a bit turbulent during Saturn retrogression but love life will remain smooth throughout the year. Relationships will be more pleasant from October onwards.

As read above, 2018 horoscope suggests mixed trends Cancer. Career matters necessitate caution and you should focus more on brining solidity than changes in all areas of life.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

Your sunny energy and positivity will shine bright this year. Leo 2018 horoscope is studded with new opportunities. Thankfully, you will not carry the stress and pressure of the past year into 2018. Whatever confusion and mental worry was causing havoc in life would subside. However, you should respect the benevolence of stars and keep making efforts than simply relying on destiny.

Anger and ego issues could be stumbling blocks in your growth this year so make sure to keep them away. Leo, you will handle matters related to court like a king and opponents will feel down and low in front of you. But don’t be overconfident. Enemies would keep raising head every now and then this year so better keep a watch. Let your inner lion-like strategic approach take its course. But don’t pick up fights or strike arguments unnecessarily. This will only give you more enemies to beware of, which you don’t want. If in business, 2018 will give positive rewards. Your efforts will bring in desired profits, provided you are persistent and perseverant. Someone might intervene and help you out in business matters and also in attracting some nice deals. The proposals and deals you accept this year will prove rewarding and lucrative in the future years.

From March to July 2018, Jupiter, the lucky star will be moving backwards Leo. This could cause frequent travels, primarily related to work or religious pursuits. On the other hand, from May to Nov, Mars will be in exalted state. This period is good for purchasing residential property. Marriage prospects will be strong as well during Mars exaltation. And if you are already hitched to someone, expect joy as spouse might get a rank upgrade at work. Rahu in your house of salvation and expenses is showing possibility of going abroad this year. This could mean for travel as well as permanent residency.

Despite all these positive developments, heath could go downhill at times and may not allow you to make the most of opportunities. Some old disease may revive so beware. Do not delay medical appointments if you spot some familiar symptoms.

Leo 2018 horoscope has financial success written all over it. But at the same time, if you are expecting a payment, there could be noticeable deferment. Cordiality with siblings might suffer this year so pay attention and spend more time towards resolutions. Tackle things with maturity and patience.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

Virgo 2018 horoscope indicates many changes and experiences ahead. Things you were not taking up for long will take the front seat now. This is your time to shine out. You have a convincing speech this year so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you will win with words. Striking you down in debates or arguments would be a challenge impossible to beat. While this energy in words is compelling, make sure that you don’t end up being dominating and aggressive than inspiring and assertive.

Mars is exalted during May to Nov, which is the period when you should be most careful concerning language and hasty actions. Jupiter will be moving backwards from March to July. The planet of justice will put you to some tests now. This is not the time to run away from commitments you have made. You should also avoid lending money during this period. From April to September, Saturn will also be moving backwards. Any house purchase plans will get delayed somehow and this could happened due to false or deficient documentation.

On the whole Virgo, there will be lots of moments of fame for you. You just have to work hard enough. Your weaknesses would now become your strengths and you wouldn’t mind taking risks either which is quite atypical of your sign. Planets fuse a lot of confidence and courage in you to tread towards your goals no matter what. For business success, this could be a landmark year. However, do not begin a new business in the second half of 2018. You should also think twice before sharing confidential details with someone. Blind faith could backfire. If employed, you will get the job you wanted but expect some delay.

For married folks, 2018 would prove to be a smooth sail. Efforts to respect and associate more with in-laws would make your relationship stronger. This year, pay more respect and heed to what your partner feels that what you want them to feel. Spouse’s health could also be a matter of concern so take care. If you keep these ideas in view, things shall fare well for you. Your relationship with mother will remain harmonious this year and she will keep encouraging and inspiring you.

Overall, Virgo 2018 horoscope has positive trends but you might have to pay more attention to career matters this year. Follow a cautious approach and do not take hasty decisions, especially when starting a new business.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

Joy is the order of the year Libra, for Jupiter is endowing you with lots of luck and happy energy. You will now have a more balanced mind, just as you like. Libra 2018 horoscope suggests that career matters will be on the front burner now. Some serious efforts into fulfilling career endeavors would be there from your end.

Planets fill you with high spirits and a joyful mood. You would become a social animal. Volunteering will be a frequent activity too. With this cheerful attitude, you will have become somewhat philosophical as well. There would be a new curiosity to dig deep into matters. While some twists and turns would be there in your path this year, you have what it takes to overthrow obstacles and tread the unknown. Courage and willpower will be your strongest suits. But don’t get emotional too easy. Do not trust someone for your valuable possessions. Also, avoid making fake commitments this year. Justice will be done, so better stride on the right path.

Jupiter retrogression will begin from March to July. And this is a period when you might experience a bumpy career ride. Thoughts of job change will frequent your mind more often but do not give up on your current job yet. An old rival may try to drag you down too so beware. Positively, this period will bring support from father and government. Any loan from government will clear as well. Saturn will also be moving retrograde during April to Sep. This could trigger mental pressure and restrictions in life. Do not make any life-defining changes now.

Mars exaltation between May to Nov will be a crucial time for you. Libra, you need to use your balancing skills the most in domestic matters as things could be strained during this period. On the other hand, income and gains will abound when Mars will be exalted. You may in fact work from home and make money. Or a property deal may trigger inflow of cash. Jupiter will change sign and move into Libra from October. After that, you will have a new energy to outshine rivals. You will go ahead and execute your business ideas successfully towards the end of the year, even if it entails some risks. However, with all these positive possibilities, expect confusion to continue in the year-end. Love matters also seem more pleasant before October.

To conclude Libra, your 2018 horoscope is filled with mixed possibilities. Finance is an aspect you could be excited about the most.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

Scorpio, planets are poised to give a boost to your energy level and powerful emotions but this also means that you could be prone to anger issues on occasions. While overall you will maintain a cheerful and carefree attitude when dealing with others, sometimes, you may have an edgy tone of voice, straightforward but a tad harsh. 

Scorpio 2018 horoscope suggests that during the period from March to Nov, Mars will be in exalted position so you should be particularly careful with your speech and hastiness during this time. Mars on the other hand will also sharpen your determination and energy level when exalted and will be favorable for siblings too. Father would render help when you need this year and you will feel lady fortune to be favorable too. This year will bring inner contentment and peace Scorpio. You will get ample chances to get in tune with your inner spirit, through religious trips and pursuits particularly.

During March to July, when Jupiter will be moving backwards, chances of foreign trip will be strong. If you were looking to settle abroad, this period could bring positive news, however, you may also have to come back to your native place within the retrogression period. During these months, spending will increase so be vigilant. Business matters also need more care and attention during Jupiter retrogression. Saturn, the taskmaster is placed in a way to make you more serious and justice loving. You will not stand misconduct or unfair actions.

As Jupiter changes sign to Scorpio in October, things could be a bit troublesome. It is the period before October that you should look forward to and make the most of. That is when your business profits will soar high and you will also be able to clear or apply for loans in business. If salaried, you will share a cordial relationship with colleagues during the period before October, as long as you keep anger in check. If married, caution is needed after August as some issues could strike. Distance or break in relationship is also expected, so make sure to handle relationship matters with a calm approach. The period after August brings marriage prospects for those looking to remarry.

This year could be exponential for studies. However, Jupiter retrogression from March to July demands attention. Do not think of switching courses or institutions or you will have to regret later.

Overall, Scorpio 2018 horoscope is full of positive possibilities as long as you pay heed to the points above and keep anger in control.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

Transit Saturn is hovering over Sagittarius this year. Since it’s influencing your mind and temperament to the core now, you will become somewhat serious and mature. Sagittarius 2018 horoscope indicates towards possibilities of a lot of community service too. However, when Saturn goes retrograde this year from Apr to September, you might lack in decisions making ability. Due to confusing thoughts, it might be wise to postpone any major moves during this period.

Saturn, the planet of justice will bring you into its witness stand. This is the time to look back, reevaluate your choices. Saturn wants to you to step ahead but not by stepping over boundaries but respecting them. Sagittarius, you will and have to put in serious efforts into your endeavors this year but the reward will be handsome too.

Career will see ample progress this year. Profit graph will spiral upward and there will be plenty of growth opportunities. Earning will be substantial stabilizing finance and you will meet your expectations and desires too. There will be expenses at times but mostly on useful things. New proposals and deals will queue in business. You may also travel abroad this year. Expect a competitive surrounding full of challenges but Sagittarius, you are smart enough to sidestep obstacles and move your way up towards success. But remember, there are no shortcuts to success, you will have to make serious efforts.

If you were eyeing a house for long, you will seal the deal this year. In fact, 2018 is a landmark year for Sagittarians involved in real estate trading, except for the period after October. Business and job prospects will be satisfactory this year but during Jupiter retrogression from March to July, you might want to exercise more caution. If employed, expect some delay and difficulties at work during Saturn retrogression as well during Apr to Sep. However, do not worry much. As long as you put in sincere efforts and practice patience, Saturn will keep pushing you towards goals. This is not the time to look for a job change. In professional matters, October will bring the much-needed positive transformations.

Your dream to get foreign residency could come true this year Sagittarius. In relationship sector, the year may not get off to a good start. There could be some misunderstandings and disagreements. Don’t lose heart though, a positive attitude is what you need in the beginning of the year. Avoid being angry with love partner and be polite. Use these suggestions to maintain healthier relationships in 2018.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

Capricorn, your relentless efforts would finally pay off. This is the year to taste success and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Capricorn 2018 horoscope predicts a lot of acclaim and appreciation for your talents and hard work. But no more backstage work, it is your time to take the spotlight. There will be chances to do that, you just need to grab them in time.

Finance is also a strong aspect this year as Jupiter is giving a boost to your income. Career development would be satisfactory in 2018. It seems planets are deliberately adjusting their position to boost your pace to success. While you know that there will be happiness and prosperity, this year is not a long vacation for you. There will be work, and a lot of it. You should utilize this period to brush up your skills and further explore your line of work. This year will work more like a prelude to your success story. And the next few chapters will only be worth the read if you keep working hard.

Despite the speedy career progress, expect your ride to be bumpy. There will be ups and downs, particularly from March to July during Jupiter retrogression. During this period, you will need to be more careful in business and strictly shun making jumpy moves. Maintain a patient attitude in life and refrain from changing or leaving job out of impulse. While career is a bright area this year, relationship aspect is a bit cloudy. You will need to wipe the fog of misunderstandings to see a clearer future with your partner. It’s Rahu that’s causing all the confusion. Shift your focus to the positive than the negative aspects in your relationship. Things might not be as bad as they seem. All you may need is a one-on-one with partner. Relationship with business partner may also hit a rough patch. Do not put blind faith on your business partner this year, especially when it comes to documentation.

Saturn, the cosmic law enforcer is backtracking during the period from April to September. You might make some new business prospects and connections abroad now. After some initial hindrances, you could seal an important deal during this time. A bit of patience will help you sail through Saturn retrogression smoothly. Things will be much better when Saturn resumes it direct motion. In love matters, you will likely take your relationship to the next level or find your special someone if single. Romance and passion will come back into your life. But married couples may still have to wait and be careful in relationship matters this year.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

Aquarius, you don’t mind moving out of your comfort zone when it comes to fulfilling your ambitions. This year, you will show exceptional willpower and resilience as indicated in Aquarius 2018 horoscope. Your tendency to take goals seriously will pay off. Add the virtue to patience to your attributes, and sky will be the limit in 2018.

While you are likely to get acclaimed for your hard work and efforts, don’t depend upon luck too much. It will take some sincere moves to attract success. Expect hindrances on your way and at times, life will seem like moving in a destined pattern when you have no control left on the direction life takes. However, things will eventually fall back into place, the way you want. You will concentrate a lot on earning and income this year but there might be situations when you will have to hold the purse strings and stick to budget. These financial adjustments will only help you save for the rainy days so don’t be afraid of the minor setbacks.

This year, your journey could be a bit bumpy but you will make some useful connections on the way that will help reach the destination eventually. You will at times ditch your practical self and get driven by emotions too so expect mood to fluctuate and a lot of thinking about old matters. Career progress will be there no matter what, especially during the latter half of the year. Even in the face of challenges, you will keep infusing relentless efforts into your professional pursuits. This will help keep things stable on the work front. You will meet new professionals and form lasting connections, even abroad which might help boost profit from foreign sources. Sometimes, you might run into misunderstandings with colleagues and face a perplexing state at workplace. But a bit of tact and persuasion will help you bring back peace at work.

Jupiter is favorable so you will be able to sidestep major troubles this year but it is also backtracking for a while between March and July. This period demands some vigilance in financial matters. You need to be careful concerning your income sources too. Spending could increase during this period so be prudent. Your hasty actions and mistakes could also result in financial losses at this time. Do not indulge in any confrontations or fights now. Saturn, the taskmaster will also be in retrograde motion this year from April to Sep. This is when you will need to be more careful as it could result in relationship hurdles. You might feel confused and misunderstood.

Overall, your 2018 horoscope suggests that you should be open to seek others’ help when needed. Whenever you feel stuck or confused, don’t hesitate to turn to elders. This will help you keep matters stable.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs. 

Your inner journey will be as splendid as your physical one this year. Pisces 2018 horoscope indicates towards possibility of higher spiritual inclination. It seems your selflessness and intuition will find expression now. Like a sponge, you will absorb your surroundings and feel more in tune with others’ emotions. Your healing abilities will take effect too. If you want to, you may take advantage of this year for exploring a research area or occult subject.

Monetary success is indicated in your horoscope Pisces. Rising income trends will keep boosting your financial strength besides the possibility of acquiring ancestral property. You will have lots of dreams and ambitions now Pisces and also have the energy to fulfill them. This year, you may also find a lost object. In relationship sector, the year may not get off to a positive start for married folks but things will stabilize and improve eventually. Work related stress would also be prevalent in 2018. Career may not go as planned and you might be relocated. When it comes to starting your business, the period from March to July when Jupiter is backtracking demands caution. Avoid any new ventures during this period and also, do not trust someone for help in spreading business. Once Jupiter transits into Scorpio towards the end of the year, there will be a lot of improvement in career. You will feel much relieved thereafter.

Saturn is making sure that you don’t tread on the wrong path. It is asking you to move slow and steady. The justice giver will not appreciate hasty actions and shortcuts now as this approach will only expose you more challenges so better slowdown, especially from April to Sep when Saturn will be moving backwards. This is not the time to rush but stop, reevaluate your actions and plan ahead. Let the things come to you, than chasing them hastily. This doesn’t however mean that you should stop making efforts and rely on destiny. Keep working hard so the future events are in line with your efforts.

Transit Mars is well placed for you so expect some positive possibilities when it comes to attracting luck and gains. Mars will boost your determination and energy this year. You won’t hesitate in taking risks if the desired reward is in focus. As a piece of advice, get your intellect to work now. Do not just rely on the energy you have.

Once you know how to use both energy and mind together to your advantage, 2018 will fare as a favorable year for you Pisces.



DISCLAIMER:  The predictions are for general informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of expert. Always consult certified experts for your specific needs.