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What I liked about them id they are straight forward in answering to your questions about Vastu. I would recommend them to anyone who would really want a right suggestion for Vastu problems to lead a stable and peaceful life.

Ashwini Manoj,    16 Mar, 2017

I spoke to them over phone since my career and relationship was not stable. With my DOB, time and birth place they made various charts, guided me with what is stored for me for me in next 1 year. They did not suggest any puja rather ask me to wait for few days when planetary positions are changing. Now I realize how right they were. Thanks

Pinki Raj Sinha,    13 Mar, 2017

I have performed Ganesh Puja and Homa with them in Dec. Then for our new house we conducted vastu and navgraha puja. They are very professional and cost effective. They bring all material, no hassles. One of the best pandit

Kamini,    11 Mar, 2017

I reached to them for my few personal concerns. He has suggested few remedies to overcome problem and I am really happy I contacted them. I am very thankful for all the advice and highly recommend

Sonali Gure,    10 Mar, 2017

What liked about them is they listen to you patiently. Gave clear solution with Vastu. They visited on time and very polite. Surely a great help. Amazing services

Suresh Muni,    3 Mar, 2017

Good listener, explained everything, consulted them for numerology about my baby and muhurta for naming ceremony. Very cost effective. Highly recommend

Vaishali,    27 Feb, 2017

I was shocked at the way they could speak about the past, present and future based. This was my first experience and I could not have a better experience. You should definitely meet them. I have done consulting over phone. Super happy, thanks

Nitish Rajee,    24 Feb, 2017

Very accurate at Numerology predictions and best solutions which work for you. I stay in Atlanta USA , I contacted them over phone, gave my details and provided best solutions to resolve my issues.. Later I did check Vastu of our house in Atlanta over phone suggested some simple correction, It worked.

Bhaskaran,    21 Feb, 2017

One of the Best astrologer and pandit, Gave a very valuable advice, knowledgeable, I will surely ask you consult them

Jaysing,    16 Feb, 2017

Consulted them for Tarot Reading, never done that earlier , always believed astrology. They reading were about me was bang on. I have clarified many doubts, Thanks, very very happy

Puja Bhalgoni,    13 Feb, 2017

I am extremely satisfied with my Vastu consultation over phone. They have checked floor plan thoroughly, checked my horoscope and given right advice. I was not asked to do and expensive changes. Most amazing part, Vastu consulting on phone cost almost half and very cost effective

Suresh Iyer,    14 Feb, 2017

Their Predictions for my life and business is on dot. I followed advice and it all working fine greatly. Its beyond my thoughts. I am settled in Australia. sincere and outstanding.

Virchand Jain,    8 Feb, 2017

Now I started admiring their astrological readings and remedy for rectify issue. I am based in Silchar did my reading over the phone. I liked their attitude and ways of explaining things to a non astrological persons . Excellent consultation, easy to follow solutions and remedies

Binodini,    7 Feb, 2017

Small remedies and gems they have suggested has got improvement in career. My disputes with my brothers also solved

Neela,    4 Feb, 2017

I had what a memorable experience with them, I found out some wonderful facts about me. My relationship was on doldrums…Thanks for helping

Murugeshan,    4 Feb, 2017

It was amazing to see the level of knowledge and understanding in vastu and astrology, hardly seen earlier. Vastu visit was very cost effective and our discussion was very fruitful. They Explained everything in easy terms

Balu,    3 Feb, 2017

Great astrologer with deep knowledge and sound understanding of subject. You should definitely consult them.

Varsha,    3 Feb, 2017

Your remedies and guidance have helped me greatly. Real great advisors, thanks aadishakti for your help will be appreciated..

Anis B,    2 Feb, 2017

In Past too, I have spoken to many astrologers for astrology prediction but something was missing. One of my friend suggested their name…Experienced and humble people. Its two month now, seeing real improvement in my career and money issues. Thank you

Chitra Sankar,    2 Feb, 2017

I will ever grateful to them for solutions given to me to over come all matters in my crisis period. Thanks

Zarina,    16 Dec, 2016