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I am really thankful to their astrological guidance. I felt very relaxed and relieved of my negativity. He explains everything in detail. Amazing experience and His words are motivating.

P K Kavita ,    2 June, 2017

They are very good for vastu. They explain to us about our showroom in crystal clear way. We felt their reading are very accurate. Me and my brother would like to thank him simply helping us

Prashant G Molly,    30 May, 2017

I visited them today afternoon. They studied my horoscope thoroughly and were very much on dot about my problems related to relationship. They have suggested some simple solutions to the problems too ... Thank you

Sohani Ratra,    29 May, 2017

I have taken them to my native for Vastu of my Land in Hosur. I am building house and some plotting in my area. Very professional. Their guidance was excellent. Thanks Aadishakti

Shekar L,    28 May, 2017

I have used them for vastu and Satynarayan Puja. Very economical. No Tantrums, Came on time, did a very good Puja. So happy with their services

Shivani,    25 May, 2017

They visited my house for Vastu consultation in Jan 17. I am residing in this house for more than 4 years. Since I shifted to this house, we were facing issue in personal life, health , Even my business which was stable were also started facing problem. They came and saw everything , corrected placements, suggested doable remedies. No Breaking of anything. So happy I consulted them, got some relief. Thanks, they are awesome

Ramona Alagh,    23 May, 2017

Excellent experience with them. Aadishakti thank you so much correcting my vastu plan. If I had not met them, I would have constructed house which were not right from Vastu perspective. Feeling happy

Virbadra Sunil,    15 May, 2017

I am taking their help for many years. I am thankful for their advice about my business and my personal life. Predictions were bang on. What I like most about them is that they are patient and gives you enough time. Remedies are simple…no unnecessary puja. They are amazing

Jitendra Kumar,    12 May, 2017

I was facing some critical problem in my personal life I was much distressed and helpless. I would like to thanks to Aadishakti for their valuable advice and small remedies that gave me hope. Very happy now. Feeling vigor and hope is back in life.

Ramanath,    7 May, 2017

Initially I consulted them for Vastu of my house with map. They helped me to chose the best house. I used them for Astrology too. Aadishakti team is simply amazing. Nice Humble and very knowledgeable.

Rajamani S,    1 May, 2017

I was shifting to new rented house, I conducted Ganesha Puja and Home on Akshay Tritiya. Panditji was bery nice, He got all the Puja Material, so i had no hassles. Highly recommend them

Jagdish,    28 Apr, 2017

I was facing problem since I shifted to new house then decided to check Vastu. They did a very through job. Explained issue and suggested remedies. Thanks , I am very happy

Kalibban,    26 Apr, 2017

I was facing very tough time in my marriage. Met guruji, discussed everything in detailed. There is so much hope now. Thanks Aadishakti

Manjushree,    22 Apr, 2017

I had conducted vastu Puja earlier with Panditji of Aadishakti. They are very cost effective, came on time and did very good puja. Then I repeated them for Satynarayan Puja. They are very very good

Nandini Mishra,    17 Apr, 2017

They are very good with prediction. We had a detailed discussion with them. They are very knowledgeable and expert in various aspect of astrology numerology, palmistry. Thanks for the detailed explanation

Anuradha,    12 Apr, 2017

Whatever you have mentioned about me is absolutely correct and the predictions are excellent, precise. Thank you so much for patiently listening. Thanks you very much

Rudhrapratap,    11 Apr, 2017

I got to know about them from facebook. I checked for marriage match making and my son's horoscope. I am happy to get information. Feeling relaxed and very happy

Roshan ,    6 Apr, 2017

I had a wonderful experience with them and they changed my life. When I did phone consulting with them, I was almost crying, they gave me reason to smile. They made me positive, and hope is back in life. Thank you so much, you are doing very good job.

Ashlesha Shankar,    4 Apr, 2017

Great analysis of the horoscope by them. I have met few astrologers earlier but did not get good advice from them. Now I take all important talking to Aadishakti. My whole family has consulted them. Completely satisfied with their services.

vicky Oberoi,    2 Apr, 2017

Amazingly good predictions, I have become fan. Highly recommended, if you want reliable services, please consult them

Jhelam,    27 Mar, 2017