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Their analysis and observation of Horoscope is very very good, Excellent services

Lakshmi Suma,    9 Aug, 2017

The astrology and numerology knowledge these guys have is simply awesome. Thanks for helping me come out of my relationship issue, thanks

Chandana Patra,    8 Aug, 2017

They are professional and very nice Pundit for Puja services. I would highly recommend them for any north Indian Puja. I have done Satyanarayan Puja nad Grah Pravesh Puja last Sunday, done very nicely. They got all material. I would recommended them anytime

Niranjan Babu,    4 Aug, 2017

Used their services for baby name. Very well explained report and very cheap. Thanks Aadishakti

Renu Shah,    29 Jul, 2017

They give solutions on which you don’t have to spend any amount. He doesn't even ask to wear gems on different fingers for different purposes. I highly recommend them.

Satya,    24 Jul, 2017

Excellent. Genuine expert for astrology, very knowledgeable. They make sure that you understand everything. They are unlike fake astrologers who ask to do Pooja or Hawan all the time

Santosh Shyam,    19 Jul, 2017

Explained every aspect of vastu logically and gave logical solutions. Cared genuinely and asked for more details. Has a vast expertise. It was nice to meet them

Aarav Shah,    14 Jul, 2017

I have used their vastu services for my boutique. They explained me everything , checked complete store and did some adjustment and suggested some remedies. Thanks for lovely experienced

Zubair,    11 Jul, 2017

I have done quite a few astrology readings over the years, and I have to say that my reading with them extremely comprehensive and very very good

P C Narayan,    5 Jul, 2017

This is an awesome discussion with them. He explained everything in detailed. Very happy to meet him for astrology.

Rajini,    2 Jul, 2017

We wanted to do our house warming pooja for that we contacted Aadishakti I was surprised to get the MOST reasonable Quote and also we were very happy with their professional approach.

Lingaraja,    24 June, 2017

This Priest which came for ganapati homam was very knowledge. He neatly arranged and done the pooja.Very happy.

Raj,    21 June, 2017

Aadishakti has well experienced pandit. I regularly call them for various puja like Ganesh Puja, Satyanarayan puja and also for gruhapravesham for my new house, They have neatly arranged and done the pooja and homam. Excellent service

Sandeep S,    18June, 2017

Conducted Satynarayan Pooja, They have come with all required materials so it was no hassle, also they very reasonable with puja fees

Swamy Nadhan,    13 June, 2017

Nice Kannda pandit, knowledgeable person. done Gruhapravesham very nice.Nice pooja performance, satisfied by their service

Umesh Kumar,    11 June, 2017

Fantastic service, housewarming and required rituals are done perfectly and thoroughly. 100% satisfied. Thank you

Rajan,    9 June, 2017

One of the best Pandit. For every occasion, he is very good. There is a clarity in everything that he does. I strongly recommend him.

Raghavendra G,    5 June, 2017

I am really thankful to their astrological guidance. I felt very relaxed and relieved of my negativity. He explains everything in detail. Amazing experience and His words are motivating.

P K Kavita ,    2 June, 2017

They are very good for vastu. They explain to us about our showroom in crystal clear way. We felt their reading are very accurate. Me and my brother would like to thank him simply helping us

Prashant G Molly,    30 May, 2017

I visited them today afternoon. They studied my horoscope thoroughly and were very much on dot about my problems related to relationship. They have suggested some simple solutions to the problems too ... Thank you

Sohani Ratra,    29 May, 2017