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Daily Astrology Report
19 Jun, Tue

You feel revived. Emotions could get the best of you in the morning and afternoon, but by evening you are chatting merrily with people whose eyes you could barely meet earlier in the day. Now that you have found your power, remember where it was hiding. If you think you might forget how you handled the most difficult situation of the day, write down some reminders to look at later. There are some good life lessons to learn here, Aries.
Instead of being life is student, you find yourself comfortably playing the role of teacher. The whole world is watching your every move, Taurus, and it approves of what you are doing. What a great feeling! Try to make more of an effort to make life easier for somebody that may not appreciate all this attention you are getting. You are the best partner, friend or neighbor that anyone could want at the moment. Keep in mind that the smallest kind deed means the most right now.
Inexperienced people are more unaware of their obligations than people who have been here and done this before. You are grumpy about starting a familiar process from the beginning again, but you dont have very many options. Although you may own a project, it is ultimately in the hands of an employer or client. Take your place at the back of the line for now, Gemini. When you finally get to the front again, you will be able to say what is on your mind.
You should know what to say without anyone having to read your lines from the script to you. The Crabs communication has more staying power than the jittery, flashy version recently offered by the other people in your life. Friends and family members understand that they are loved, but it would not hurt to reinforce your feelings for them by expressing them out loud. Only a fool would argue with this kind of sense, Cancer -- say what is on your mind now, or hold it in forever.
You are the only one who knows what you need right now. If you decide to stay inside, away from everyone else, make it understood that you conceal yourself for protection, not entrapment. Leo is cursed with thin skin and a glass heart. If you are ready to get in touch with your sensitive side, this is the best time, but dont do it for anyone but yourself. You are not likely to get the answer you are looking for when you ask a pointed question.
Virgo is witty and well-informed, so surround yourself with family, whatever that means to you. New friends will hang around long enough to become old friends, giving your life a much more comfortable feel than it had yesterday. Playing the game matters much more than winning right now. Put away your strategies and quit bluffing -- every move you make still counts, but if you lose, dont worry -- the stakes are not nearly as high as you think they are.
Once you are on a roll, you dont like your routine to be disrupted -- but that is exactly what is happening right now. Try as you might, you cant hide your true emotions. Your actions scream words that you cant bring yourself to whisper, Libra. If you dont like the company that you are keeping, why pretend otherwise? Different circumstances will meet your needs better than these are doing. Do what you have to do in order to reposition yourself in a more desirable location.
The Moon is an unusually strong force in your star-cast. Act on what you are feeling, and let the consequences take care of themselves. You will get what you want only when you are willing to commit yourself to it 100 percent. Your ripples will awaken and delight someone who should be aware of you, Scorpio. You might be able to convince yourself that you are happy working or living alone, but the right person knows how to break through your barriers and into your soul.
Dont even try to disguise the truth. If you are acting, others will know right away. False representation may or may not be appreciated right now, so it is best to steer clear of it altogether. To your credit, you will probably say what you mean, even though your meanings change like the weather these days. It will take the right personality to get along with yours today, Sagittarius. Dont try to force a square peg into a round hole. If it is going to happen, it will happen on its own.
Capricorn yearns for a break in the routine that has become his or her daily life. In an effort to expand your horizons, you seize the smallest difference as proof that there is variety in this world. As far as you are concerned, erratic new people are welcome among the boring old regulars. However, be wary of inviting strange people to the party if you are not the host or hostess. If you are willing to give up control now, you will get it back again sooner or later.
Just when you were beginning to think that they would never go away, your problems begin to recede. You owe someone a great debt of gratitude for letting you off the hook, but there is no time to waste -- you can thank them for it later. With confidence restored, you can now go back to the business of carving out your niche. The world is more accommodating this time around, but that does not give your permission to keep committing the same mistakes over and over again.
What are you waiting for, Pisces? The Universe dictates that you must use your magic while it is still fresh. Amaze friends and lovers before they remember having seen or heard this one somewhere else. You are no slave to fashion, but you can appreciate why others might be. Experiment with a new look, or buy a decorative piece for your house that you normally would not splurge on. Be careful, though -- pursuing all things that are beautiful could really start to become an expensive habit.